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Full Song List with Secret Songs


Previously I presented a list of the first songs available in My Music.

This time I’m going to present an exhaustively thorough list of songs featured in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

I’ve included songs you obtain through collecting CDs as well as songs associated with secret stages.

Full Song List with Secret Songs

The list posted here catalogs every song you can listen to in the Sound Test area of the game. The game does, however, have some additional music not on this list...

For example...

  • The fall and winter music on the Yoshi’s Island stage
  • Music from K.K. Slider’s performance on the Smashville stage
  • The minigame music from the WarioWare, Inc. stage
  • Music from the How to Play and Classic Ending movies, fanfare, and informational message tunes...
The list goes on and on.

A virtual mountain of songs and a legion of composers were involved in the music for this game. An all-star cast like this may never assemble again, so I hope you’ve been enjoying your time with Brawl.

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