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This game is awesome!!!
"Ragdoll Masters is an experiment in the world of 2D beat 'em' ups with the use of ragdoll physics. In this game you control a stylized martial arts master, making his way through stronger and stronger opponents with spectacular moves and impressive blows. It features some of the most sophisticated physics ever used in 2D games and plenty of other neat effects."
- Ragdoll Soft

Windows version: Download

Mac version: Download

I've provided you with mods for the game in the folder. Just make sure to always have at least one backup of the original image, music, and sound files! To activate the mods is simple. Just rename the file (if needed) and drag it into the correct folder! Images (.png only) go in the images folder, short, intense blast-like sounds go in the sounds folder, and music goes in the music folder. Easy!

A video demo of the game:
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