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2:51 PM
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12:49 PM
I noticed that once you go into a page, like to make an entry or something, it is EXTREMELY hard to get back to the homepage. Therefore, I will create the site menu, that way it does appear, I will have to find out how to make the Flash Menu over take it completely. If you have any suggestions, let me know. I will be updating the site, putting in some Bleach manga that will be available for download. Also, will put in some emulators, which enables you to play N64, GBA, DS, and/or SNES games, all on your PC, whether its windows or mac. There will be separate pages for mac emulators and windows emulators, since both are formatted entirely different.
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2 cyborgx2495  
Omighty1, I need to talk to you in person. May have to restart website over again. same website, just start over from scratch. Not as hard as you think, only need to make sure we still have all the files. I may be able to get a domain for us, that way we don't have to worry about the the "", and it would just be "". If you make sure that you still have the files, I can start making the other website meantime...and start telling everyone else about it. Will also tell my friends on FB, since I have well over 1,000. When you have all the files, let me know, I will start telling everyone about the new site, after I put some things on it. You and I will both share equal power with it, seeing as we both love making websites. I will handle games and advertising and manga, you can handle everything else if you'd like.

A very good site for flash menus is

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