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5:04 AM
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Main » 2009 » November » 3 » Site Ideas
Site Ideas
3:53 PM
Ok, let's face it; this site doesn't do much. So, as a move to get it moving again, I'm reaching out to anyone who sees this to tell their ideas to us! Please, don't let this site die!
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maybe a new layout is in order? or how about a youtube tour on your page ian?

See if you can get episodes videos uploaded directly to the site, instead of through youtube.

It depends on what size the video is. If anything is above 15 MB, I can't upload it, due to upload size limitations and server hard drive space limitations. I have 88MB left at the moment.
PS: Do you want me to add you to the site?

cookie It Needs More Cowbell :cookie:

lol awesome
PS: Next time you leave a comment, please give yourself a name! smiley
PSS: If you're already a member, and you forget your password, just ask me to reset it. You'll have to email me your password. ;)

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