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3:10 PM
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10:10 AM
I have restarted a 1,024 person tournament. I will be taking a lot that are on the current one, but this will be bigger. I am dividing them into 32 divisions of 32. Each battle will be a four person battle-royale with two winners. One Division has been made so far, but I only have 168 characters so far (before I looked at the current character battle). I would like to base the "fights" off of strength and power, not off of popularity, but I will put a poll out, asking what the website members think. For admins, I will post this on Facebook, Youtube, etc. so that we will have a lot of people voting. This will take a long time to complete, but it is fun, so I figured, why not? If you have any question, feel free to email me at
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2 cyborgx2495  
My new plan is to find out the two best people from each of those 32 divisions, that would take it down to 64 people. Then I would start taking them down one by one in one-on-one matches.

1 2nd_in_command  
Honestly I like it, but I've done it before and it can give unfair advantages and disadvantages. However I do think it does need to be divided into divisions even if we only used 512. I was planning to bring it down to between 22-32 and eliminate one by one.

(once you have a list of 1024 let me see it please)

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